As a successful trade company we know how vital it is to make a corporate statement and to communicate corporate philosophy. Find your distinctive way of image representation perfect for any occasion. We offer you the complete service in order to obtain “your” ties, shawls, printed or embroidered scarves. This leads to higher identification readiness, conveys a high degree of competence and professionalism and closeness to your enterprise.

Ties, shawls and scarves for your business…

Personalize your image with perfect appearance. For official performances this, of course, means wearing a tie. An integrative look will match the corporate identity of your company and will be an eye-catcher at fairs, conventions or meetings. The individualized corporate tie is always a well-noted business card.

Whether it be woven, printed or embroidered, according to our customers’ wishes our creative team will design your individual corporate pattern (for ties and scarves) matching your corporate identity. Of course, you also have the option to choose an item from our collection and discreetely insert your emblem or logo – giving your modern clothing a very personal touch. We offer this service at an exceptionally reasonable price.



A classy, individaulized tie, perhaps as a gift to your customers with your label sewn inside – will always help remind people of good business relationships. And also as a gift to employees, an ideal present or give-away for all sorts of occasions.

We offer these products already on the basis of 150 items per design.
You need not waste precious time on the details – our creative team will work with your corporate logo and colours to present you with its ideas.

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